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Emergency Safety Shower Accessories

Alarm Horn & Light Audible warning sound when system is activated by flow switch. Top mounted visual warning light when system is activated. 

Cat. No. 16680

Hand Held Body Wash squeeze valve nozzle on 8’ coiled hose and bracket. Can be used to rinse all body parts while victim is sitting or lying down. Wall or hood mounted, 3/8 NPT, barrier free.

Cat No. 16005

Swing-Out Eye Wash

Deck mounted next to sink. Activates when pivoted. 1/2" NPT. Barrier free.

Cat. No. 16009

Hand Held Eye/Face & Body Wash Mounted on the front side-wall of the fume hood. Includes 8’ hose and surface escutcheon.

 3/8" NPT. barrier free.


 Cat. No. 93966

Swing-Out Eye Wash

Faucet Mounted Eyewash, uses the new inverted flow design. It is the only product on the market that provides a Medically Superior Response consistent with all EMT, emergency room doctors, and Doctor’s office protocol.

Deck Mounted Eye Wash

Mounts next to the sink, for quick response to laboratory eyewash demands Ideal for Laboratories with limited space.

Cat. No. 93967

Pull-down Eye Wash

wall mounted 
(4” deep), pull-down

eye wash
safety station.

Stainless steel. 
1/2” NPT. Barrier free.

Cat. No. 93968

Emergency Drench Shower Test Kit

Designed to allow testing of emergency showers.

The Test Kit allows you to test

 the shower on a weekly basis,

 without the excess clean-up.

ANSI recommends that

 emergency showers are tested on a weekly basis.

Kit includes support ring to hold nylon sleeve in place and divert water into bucket or drain.Bucket to catch water, also acts as a storage space for the test kit.

Includes instructions for testing.

Eye Face Wash with Cover
Rear wall mounted 

eye / face wash 
with cover, constructed of

ABS Plastic

(optional accessory)